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A journey more than a hundred years long

For three generations the Company of Domenico Trotta, a splendid agricultural reality in the area between the municipalities of Manfredonia, San Giovanni Rotondo and Monte Sant’Angelo, has been producing that olive juice that for centuries has “greased” men of wisdom, health and hope.
The environment is that of the Gargano landscape, where nature seems to have preserved that millennial relationship of trust between the “custodian” farmer and the “mother” land.
In this gentle landscape where Saints and men of faith have passed and lived, our story begins, a story made first of all of love and affection for our territory, which we want to cherish and return to our children as a memory of a distant generation made up of men who have traced what will then be the path to a better world, where nature and man will travel forever “hand in hand” as “mother and children”.

Agribio Trotta - masseria in lontananza, Gargano sullo sfondo

A unique and unrepeatable place that reaches out to the world

Our company was born and grows, perhaps for a destiny already written in the Divine mind, to preserve in that fruit all the nature of its origin: the Land of Apulia.
In this land our history, our product, the goodness and the qualities of an organic nectar have origins that every year, in the “belly” of the Mother – Apulia – and according to the mood of the Father – The Gargano -, we are able to produce always with the same commitment and with the same characteristics.
The climate, the earth and man have preserved and enhanced the concept of the terroir here, which can not be recreated anywhere else.

If in wine we feel the flavors of the territory, in our oil is kept that sign of peace that we intend to bring to the tables of all the families in the world every day. That sign of Peace that is identified in the tree of peace: the olive tree.
Our product contains a second sign of peace: that between agriculture and human activity.
We have always done organic farming, and today we have reinforced this concept by relying on that science, a true friend of nature, which has allowed us to strengthen the concept of agroecology.

Agribio Trotta - oliveti sul Golfo di Manfredonia

Growing a different tomorrow

The future of our company is not in the separation of production from consumption: we have a different vision, where the expression “sustainable development” must no longer be considered contradictory in terms, but a goal achievable with the results of research and innovation, also and above all through the traceability and certification of production. Olive growing from the past cannot be continued, but agriculture without a past is not conceivable.
Our olive growing “marries” the entrepreneurial spirit to the peasant nature, combining the attentions that distinguished traditional olive growing with the physio-technological acquisitions of modern eco-friendly olive growing.

This is Domenico Trotta’s agricultural Company, a company where nature, for centuries, has reproduced the wonderful image of its creativity in oil.

Prof. Silverio Pachioli
Accademia dei Georgofili

Agribio Trotta - olive su ramoscello